x is the name I have chosen as a conceptual artist, because it has become the defining letter of the millennium; simultaneously ubiquitous yet elusive. From uncertain origins as a mark of affection, x has emerged as a universal symbol for those hard to define qualities, as well as youthful independence, attraction, danger and excitement. From a potent (x rating), to an unknown energy (x-ray), to a secret code (Station x at Bletchley Park); x is undoubtedly the sign of our times.

I have an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in all that I do and combine discipline with creativity and innovation, to produce inspirational, progressive and thought provoking work, which attracts the shrewdest of investors. Others consider me to be a pretentious, cynical and manipulative charlatan who produces unremarkable and sub-standard dross. Therefore, you must decide for yourself if my art has merit and is worth the vast sums that some are prepared to pay; or Emperor’s new clothes acquired by gullible individuals with more money than sense.

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